Horny Hayden Kho masturbates in the nude

October 10th, 2016

Controversies ruined Hayden Kho’s career when sex tapes, which include his going dirty with other celebrities have been shared on the web. But this is just one of the things that caused him to almost take his own life, apparently he’s suffering from depression and all those shits for whatever reason prior to the discovery of his homemade porn stack. Then it got ugly as he got exposed and his license to practice medicine was revoked the moment these videos were shared on the web. But there’s a saying that once a cheater, always a cheater. In this case though he ain’t a cheater but simply a perverted person who can’t keep his hands off his cock or women’s tits and pussy. He’s been doing all sorts of wild stuff on cam with various sex partners and though he might say in his interviews that he’s a changed man and that he has a god who’s been guiding him to change his ways to become a better man, another one of his naughty clips found its way on the stream of other horny men’s solo me time and there’s a mix reaction in the sea of fans and bashers of this cosmetic doctor.

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There’s no way he can cover up now, no procedures needed, no need to go under the knife to look different and not get recognized that he is the one in this video, naked and playing with that hard dick and he looks totally comfortable. It’s not like he’s gone through hell and back already to be making the same mistake of letting this one slip from his grasp and let the world know of his undying love for kinky quirks. He thought he’s satisfied with just showing his naked self from his lips down but he wanted to show more and positioned doggytyle as he gaped his bunghole and actually showed his face at the end of this clip! Kho said it was titillating to sa the list and he admitted that sometimes he simply don’t give any more fucks after that second time he tried to take his own life. He says he’s just gonna do what makes himself happy now and choking his boner on cam is one of those.

Hayden Kho cums while jerking off

May 30th, 2016

Horny Hayden Kho cums hard while masturbating on cam

Even before Hayden Kho’s hot and wild sex scandals with other celebrities, he already made his own few years ago. This hot masturbation video is actually one reason why horny chicks, young and young at heart, come chasing him down just to have a taste of that Asian cock. It’s no longer a shocker, really, when sex tapes involving different women having sex with him surfaced because these are the same skanks who watched this homemade clip of his and enjoyed seeing him explode sticky messy spunk while choking his boner.

Sex, Lies and Videotape

July 15th, 2010

hot hayden kho sex

A series of sexually explicit  videos involving a young celebrity doctor in the Philippines has taken the predominantly Catholic country by storm. The women featured in the sex tapes of them having sex with Doctor Hayden Kho were not ordinary women — they were celebrities, models and even the country’s best known cosmetic surgeon. Hayden Kho, Jr. is a Filipino former celebrity doctor, actor and model. He is the the boytoy of Dr. Vicky Belo, the Philippines’ most famous cosmetic surgeon and owner of the Belo Medical Group Company.

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Hayden Kho is  a  6′ 2” Chinese-Filipino doctor and fashion model. He taped his sexual trysts with the women allegedly in secret.  Among the women seen in the scandalous videos were actress Katrina Halili, model Maricar Reyes (his former classmate in med school) and an unnamed Brazilian model. The sex videos featuring Hayden Kho fucking Katrina Halili were the most talked about, with TV stations showing a very sorry Katrina Halili admitting the tapes and pleading for understanding. And the scandal-hungry public is now awaiting the release of reportedly more hidden camera videos involding Hayden Kho and more women, including actress Ruffa Mae Quinto and possibly even his mentor and lover — Dr. Vicky Belo.

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